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What is in this book for you?

In this book, you will find something you never heard about or know about money. If you know it. It’s your luck. Have a quick overview of what this book includes or the theme of this.

  •  Fundamentals of debt and their terminologies to understand it effectively.
  •  Advice from finance experts and their strategies to over the debt smoothly.
  •  Some universal principles to stay financially Healthy.
  • Real-life stories of people who actually over the debt from their life and now achieved financial success. Debt to Financial Happiness. Learned from their story and mistakes, they did so.
  • Some inspirational financial quotes motivate you in bad and good times.
  •  A magic line and tool to overcome all your problems without any effort! Just kidding, don’t take it seriously.

How will this book help?

Honestly, it depends on how you will take advantage of this book. How deeply do you try to understand and implement this in your life?

This book will guide you to overcome debt and loans or give you money lessons to avoid getting stuck in debt or debt traps. This will be done by taking the help of real-life stories, strategies, hacks, and advice straight from the experts.

Why is this Book Exist?

Because You and Debt Exist in the world. Straight forward answer, haha! Lemme explain to you, Most people in this world live in debt, or you can say. They spent their life in paying off loans of any kind.

Such as home loans, Credit Card loans, Personal loans, Educational loans, and much more. As time goes on, this debt can become a debt trap. That’s pretty hard to overcome. And You get stuck in this.

Your entire life goes on around this, and you won’t live your life freely without any kind of stress.

Do you know what? Most likely, when someone is in debt. He gets surrounded by all the problems which you can think of.
Stress, sleepless nights, Mental Problems, Depression, Lack of self-control, Anxiety, worse personal finance judgments, and negative effect on physical fitness effects life badly.

What do Facts and Data say about debt? The average credit card debt for American families is $6,569, according to a 2022 study by Lending Tree. Americans owe $841 billion across almost 506 million credit card accounts.

Most of the debt and financial strains come from credit card loans. About 40% of consumers with credit card debt said it affected their general happiness.

One-third said it negatively affected their standard of living, and 1 in 5 said it harmed their health. This is why this book exists in the world.

To help you from the help of financial experts, their strategies, advice, experiences, and mental process toward this to solve.

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