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My Advice to Myself solely dedicated to Moral stories and Quotes from most successful people in this world. Some questions are inserted in this book evolve your thinking process.

Why Should You Read This Book?

If you are interested in life morals,

If you are eager to improve yourself mentally,

If you fascinated by positive Quotations,

If you are curious to know applicable learning which creates value in life,

If you like to know others’ psyche,

If you want to grow your mind by books,

If you enjoy learning new things,

If you want to know a new perspective of life and success.

If you say, “Yes, I am.” Then you should read this book. By this, you will get to know new things and you will able to fulfill your hunger of mind easily. If you say, “No.” Then you also should read this book. Maybe you take an interest in this book. Although this book is written for all age groups. Anybody can read this book. But you should to enthusiastic to learn new things.

It needs only 90min reading. In 90 minutes you will get lots of things which you can use in your life for mental well-being.

Content of The Book:)


‘My Advice to yourself’ is a book, which design to add something precious to
the life of people. This book contains amazing chapters like Where you put
yourself, things were before, you have to do, and so on. 

By these chapters,
you will get a clear moral and message. I know the question will arise in your
mind. How this book can help you? Or In what aspect it will improve me?

The answer is that, in this book, you will get a message to live better and what
you have to do in your life for better survival. I gave some morals in this book
as stories. If you apply entirely the things mentioned in this book. Then your
life affects positively.

And you will notice that you are improving a lot. If you read this book only
for entertainment. Then maybe you will understand use mentioned things

Because this book was created in the entertainment format to make readers
engaged with this. You just need to do one thing. While you are reading this
book. Try to connect with you or think where it can connect. And at which
aspect it is right or wrong.

When you about this as well. You will find that you are learning things. And
you definitely say, “This thing I already know”. But read, Everything you
know. I am just trying to remind you which you forget.

Because forgotten things create a huge amount of loss in your life in the form
of time, energy, money, and effort. So, read this book and think that what I
wrote in it?

One thing more, no book is bad or good. It depends on the reader that. How
he receiving things from the book. For example, When the rainy season
comes. Rains fall on every plant and tree.

But every plants and tree give different flower and fruit. As it is, Knowledge
of books written same for every reader but every reader receives different
things from the same book.

Hope you will try to receive more and good things from it.

Let’s start the journey.

Wish you the very best for your journey..!!
~ Shivam Mehta

Book Preview

Chapter 1: Show Your Strength

There was a king Ellery Conner. He hasn’t one eye and one leg. But he
was a so courageous king, and he won so many battles. People in his
kingdom lives happy and joyful life just because of Ellery Conner.
After winning one battle from the enemy kingdom. He was celebrating the
winning. For celebrating he went to that, the room where the portrait of his
ancestor is hanging.
When He was walking there, A thought jumps in his mind. I should make
one portrait also for my memories and a sign of my courage. It will become
the motivation for my son and the upcoming generation.
As he has disabilities, that is why no artist made a portrait of him. One day
Ellery invites all artists into the court. He announces that who make beautiful
and motivation painting of me. I will give him a reward as per his painting.
If painting will so fine, the artist will get that reward which he wants. There
was almost over 20 artist present but no one thinks to make painting of him.
Just because of fear.

They know the king has only one leg and one eye. With this body structure,
how can we make a motivative and beautiful painting? By chance, if we make.
But the king doesn’t like that painting.
Then maybe he will give punishment in anger. Therefore, we can’t take risks
in our life. One by one artist denied Ellery’s proposal politely and giving
some excuses.
At last, the king asked that, Is there someone who can make my painting?
One artist raises his hand and said, “King I can make a motivative painting of
yours very easily”. But you need to do some effort for this.
You just need to go to the stable. From there I can Make your painting
exquisite. Left artists were only seeing his face and what he will draw on the
sheet. King said that I have no problem to go in the stable.
But drawing must be motivative and beautiful to see. Artist said, “Yes, King
your painting will be motivative and beautiful”. King and artist went in the
stables. Artist said to Ellery, “Please sit on the back of a horse and hold one
Bow”. Aim the arrow on that fruit.

Stop for a second with this pose. A few minutes later, Artist said that you can
become normal. Now, I can create your painting very well. Ellery gives the
order to servant make artist environment comfortable according to him.
Because he is working on my painting. Servant makes him environment
comfortable for him. Some minutes gone, some hours gone. Finally, A voice
came. I have done it. Painting looking amazing.

He presents his drawing in court. Everybody’s eyes were waiting to see
painting. Because It was a very difficult task to make Ellery’s painting amazing
because of his disabilities.

Painting became visible in front of every people in the court. Artists were
shocked that how he can think like this?

In the painting, King sits on the back of a horse. So, his one leg is invisible if
we see it from one side. And I request the king to aim arrow on fruit by the
bow. So, In this king has to close is one eye. And his one eye is already closed.
That’s how I make his picture motivative and beautiful. King also feels happy
after seeing his painting. How he hides the disability of the king. In happiness,
the king gave him 50 tons of gold and two bag diamonds. King put that
portrait with his ancestor with pride.

Preview Ended..!!

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